Alca Crazy Kong Bootleg

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Most of the information below originally came from Dezbaz (KLOV).  His site can be found here: Dez’s Crazy Kong Alca bootleg Site

Schematics: (Very blurry)
Crazy Kong – Alca Schematics

 Alca 2pcb Crazy Kong Pinout:

PCB Pictures (Click on pic for larger size):

Top (2 pics):
                Top Good 2


Bottom Good Cropped

I’m now beginning to wonder if this is the ALCA Crazy Kong board or the Donkey King board.  The eproms I have on the board, when checked with ROMIDENT appear as this:

Eproms 1-6 are correct on the bottom board.
Eprom 7 (Top Left) – Unknown
Eprom 8 (Top Left Center) – Unknown
Eprom 9 (Top Right Center) – Donkey King D7
Eprom 10  (Top Right) – Unknown
Eprom 11 (Bottom Left) – Donkey King D9
Eprom 12 (Bottom Center) – Donkey King D10
Eprom 13 – (Bottom Right) Kong 13 (Brazilian Version)

Repair Logs and technical data:

Bottom Board Chip 5P (74LS02N)  links to Video Sync



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